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"Alternative Dispute Resolution allows companies to resolve disputes, through mediation or arbitration, so that they can continue to succeed."

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As a former litigator, corporate CEO and experienced mediator and arbitrator, I am well aware of the needs of business owners and attorneys in commercial litigation. I have litigated complex matters involving every aspect of business in many state and federal courts around the country. I’ve owned and managed privately held businesses, with lifetime domestic and global sales in excess of US$1B, involving product development, retail, intellectual property licensing and publishing. Currently an active commercial mediator and arbitrator for the American Arbitration Association (and member of the Franchise Panel) and an arbitrator for the Financial Industry Regulatory Association, I have been closely involved in numerous cases involving all types of business and investment matters.

“Hoffmann’s combination of litigation, corporate, dispute resolution and academic experience make him a leading and highly successful mediator and arbitrator.”​

Business litigation is difficult and expensive. Even the smallest disputes take hours of time from business management, development and expansion. Business litigation outcomes are unpredictable, accompanied by high litigation costs, often decided by people with little knowledge of your business. Alternative Dispute Resolution (mediation and/or arbitration) are significantly better alternatives to the expense, time and speculation of state or federal litigation. Mediation allows the parties to control outcomes in a confidential setting … arbitration allows the parties to present their case to one or more professionals who are highly educated in both the law and substance of the areas of conflict.

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