Resolution of copyright, trademark, patent and trade secret disputes is best accomplished within the confines of mediation and arbitration – these issues are particularly complex and subject to wide variation in litigation.  

Areas of Practice

"Arbitration allows the parties to resolve disputes in a business setting before well-qualified panelists"

Hoffmann Mediation provides alternative dispute resolution services involving business and investment issues. My practice is focused on pre-litigation and court-ordered mediation and arbitration through the American Arbitration Association, FINRA, or through private arrangements. I have had over ten years experience in the arbitration and mediation of complex business litigation, with particular emphasis on the following:

Commercial Contract and Business Torts

All Business Disputes involve Contracts and Commercial Transactions -Alternative Dispute Resolution tools are designed to assist businesses in resolving these complex matters.

Franchise and


Mediation and Arbitration of Franchise and License Disputes are often required by contract and provide the most efficient means of resolving these matters while protecting franchise and licensing rights.

Business “Divorce” and

Business Ownership Disputes

When business owners have difficulty with each other and their roles within the company, alternative dispute resolution tools provide a route to solution while maintaining the integrity, operations and profitability of the business.

Securities and

Investment Disputes

Business investments involving securities and unregistered transactions, partnerships, fraud and misrepresentation are difficult, highly complex matters - managing outcomes through mediation and arbitration leads to better, more efficient and predictable outcomes.

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